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Appliance Repair Near Me, Questions To Ask

It is common to witness malfunctioning of home appliances at some point in time. While working well most of the time, they come to a standstill simply means some important chores coming to a standstill in our homes for a few hours or even days.

For instance, if your washing machine is not working, you may end up with a huge heap of clothes left unwashed for days. Now, this can be frustrating, especially if there are kids whose clothes need to be washed regularly. This is when you will look for appliance repair near me.

The fact is that there are many small appliance repair professionals. It is left up to you to choose the most suitable professional such that there are no regrets later. For this, you need the arsenal of right knowledge on how to do so.

Keeping this in mind, here are the questions you should ask the appliance repair professionals to know which of them is the most appropriate.

What kind of appliances have you repaired? How much is your experience?

There is no meaning if you are approaching a professional who has never repaired an appliance of your model or brand. Further, it is not recommended to choose someone totally new to this repair arena.

This is because it is the experience that makes a professional an expert who can deal with all types of models and issues regardless of the brand, parts, and technology. Experience is, in fact, indispensable for the repair business.

Experienced people have perhaps handled a problem previously, which you are facing right now. Thus, they will take a few minutes to identify the cause and solution.

They also have handled models of different brands or designs due to which they can advise you regarding the frequently occurring issues and how to prevent them in the future. Obviously, you need one such person for getting your appliance repaired.

Can you give some customer references?

A genuine and reputable repair professional will be happy to provide the details of customers who can share their experiences of how good the repair service is. You should at least take the contact details of four customers and call them to know about their experience. You should also ask them what was repaired, what was the price, and how much time did it take to fix the issue and why.

Can you provide your offer in writing along with a guarantee? What is the warranty period?

Imagine yourself when you pay a big amount for repair and parts replacement only to know that they were temporary solutions lasting for a few weeks. You will be surrounded by disappointment and feel like blaming the repair company. Surprisingly, such experiences are common due to poor services.

Thus, to prevent such occurrences, it is wise to choose a repair professional that gives its offer in writing.  This provision tells how confident such a professional is about their work or solution that will last, at least for a satisfactory period, if not forever. The longer the warranty given, the more reliable the solution is!

Do you have an insurance policy?

This is an important question to ask. A repair is likely to be performed at your home through the technicians. Here, there is always a probability of an accident, such as slipping such that it needs instant medical attention.

If the repair company does not have insurance, you as the homeowner will be held responsible to pay medical bills. Thus, do ask and check the insurance copies. You also need to know whether there is workman’s compensation or not.

What is the appliance repair near me process? How long it will take?

Yes, these are the obvious questions to ask. You need to know what they will do to resolve your issue even if you do not know about the technical aspects. Just listen to the steps that the company representative tells you.

It is wise to know what will be replaced or what will be repaired. The way the process is shared with you gives an insight into the expertise of the technicians.

Once the procedure is known, you need to know the time to repair your device. This is something that only an experienced repair professional can answer. The answer is important, as you want your appliance quickly back in working condition. Most appliances will need up to two to three hours.

Have you handled any devices of my brand?

It is essential to know whether the repair company has some experience in handling the appliances of the brand to which your appliance under scrutiny belongs. At times, a few makers follow the policy of training a few technicians and endorse them to repair their appliances by giving certificates.

If the company is certified by the brand to which your device belongs, choosing it is a wise choice to be safer. This is because it is fully aware of the functionality and parts to easily fix it or replace them, respectively.

Are your workers trained?

Your faulty appliance needs trained workers more than the untrained ones if an efficient solution is what you are looking for instead of just a solution. A reliable appliance repair service is likely to have well-trained personnel. It will not hesitate in telling you happily about the certification of their workers and showing their qualifications for the job.

Is it okay if I pay using a credit card?

It may sound odd but a wise customer will always ask this question to know the creditworthiness of the repair company. Any company is only allowed to accept credit card payments once it passes through an apt background check.

Thus, even if you are not going to pay using your credit card, asking this query is an indirect but effective way to know how good the company’s track record is.


You should ask the aforementioned questions for screening a repair company prior to choosing it as your small home appliance repair service near me. A genuinely caring company will always answer all these questions honestly.